Following a torrent of questions from readers and, we confess, M’bak Dewi making some up that you would have asked if only you weren’t so busy doing the things that busy expats do, we got a brave Intern to quiz the ED and here is the result – we trust it is informative and misleading.

Any further questions then send us an e-mail to the usual address or leave a comment below.

So, here we go, Mata Pribadi’s Frequently Unanserered Questions or FUQs as we like call them.


4 Responses to FUQs

  1. El'dell Jkt says:

    Another Target for Mata Pribadi to Shoot at, Perhaps?

    It is with great interest that we read in today’s copy of The Jakarta Post, indeed as featured no less than in a Front Page article, that Bpk Amir Samsuddin, called up in the first paragraph, as the Minister of law and Human Rights (Menteri Hukum dan Ham if not incorrect), first commenting that no Human Rights violation had taken place. Very Good, we are all so happy!

    However, for those brave enough to read on without chuckling (or chucking perhaps?) following this comment, we see further reported in para. 5, that ‘Amir indicated that human rights were not his strongest point. “I should not talk about human rights. They are something I am not good at,” Amir told journalists at the House of Representatives.’

    Perhaps one might question what in the history of fried rice sellers has he proven good at to secure such a lofty position in this country – perhaps Cross-Country embroidery?

    Hell’s Teeth, how do these people keep their positions?

    • Mata Pribadi says:

      How they get their positions is well documented and involves American Express travellers checks in the main, Keeping their position is, one imagines, a variation on the same theme.

      Bapak Samsudin is on Mata Pribadi’s radar screen and may very well get some focus in our January edition if we can get the staff out of Eastern Promise where they appear to have encamped for Xmas/New Year.

  2. Rob Lock says:

    GSOH ? Not sure what it is and how do I get it so I can qualify to be a Mati Pribadi reader,,,,,

    • Mata Pribadi says:

      Rob, it is with some regret that I have to suggest you apply under the category of those who don’t feel a daily shower is a real must 🙂 … MP

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