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Jakarta in rain shock!!

Readers who had started to believe that it would never rain again in their favourite city will be astonished, and perhaps even delighted to hear that the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has announced that it WILL rain in most … Continue reading

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Welcome to the first edition

Welcome to the first edition of Mata Pribadi, the Jakarta and Indonesia based expatriate focused organ of truth and nothing but the truth. That will be the truth as we see it of course and, more likely than not, be at significant variance … Continue reading

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Ibu Pribadi answers your questions

Welcome to Mata Pribadi’s Agony Aunt column wherein Ibu Pribadi tries her very best to answer questions of all sorts from readers. Ibu Pribadi writes …. I understand how difficult it can be trying to live and survive in a … Continue reading

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Jalan Tol Driving Techniques

Expatriate newcomers to Jakarta are often surprised to discover the confusion they find on first using Jakarta’s many Jalan Tol, with “what the fuck?” being perhaps the most common reaction. Yes, it is different to back home, but the Jalan … Continue reading

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Hitler for services to world peace

Following the University of Indonesia’s (UI) award of an honorary doctorate to Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz for contributions to the fields of peace and humanity – and this shortly after ordering the topping of a  number of … Continue reading

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Blok-M in Street of Shame shock!!

G-String has closed its doors and rumours abound of further likely casualties, D’s place had a significant fire though has now reopened, punter numbers are down, taxi business is so bad that some of them are even offering to turn their meters … Continue reading

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Oil and gas numbers mystery unraveled

Doubtless you have arrived here bursting with interest over the secrets behind the Jakarta Post’s breathless coverage of BP Migas’s daily briefings on how the production numbers keep coming down as a result of oil company incompetence and how their … Continue reading

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