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A cautionary tale

Dear All, As we approach the season of celebrations, a cautionary tale if I may. It has to do with drinking and driving at this time of year as I know that some of you, like me, have had unfortunate … Continue reading

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Half a million impoverished Indonesians for a day

Indonesia’s past sporting achievements are relatively meager for a country of its size of population and success, where it has occurred, has largely been in badmington and sad to relate, even in the field of the shuttlecock the Golden Days of Susi Susanto … Continue reading

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Jalan Tol Driving Techniques

Expatriate newcomers to Jakarta are often surprised to discover the confusion they find on first using Jakarta’s many Jalan Tol, with “what the fuck?” being perhaps the most common reaction. Yes, it is different to back home, but the Jalan … Continue reading

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