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Jakarta in Gaddafi shock!!!

The world’s media has been speculating for more than a month regarding the whereabouts of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi following the violent ejection of his despotic Libyan regime and its replacement by the democratically inclined National Transitional Council. Mata Pribadi therefore has enormous pride … Continue reading

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Second Edition – The Editor speaks

First of all, welcome to the pages of the second edition of Mata Pribadi, esteemed successor to the distinguished Not the Jakarta Post. We truly hope that you enjoy our wide ranging wares this month and that we have something … Continue reading

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Smoke, mirrors and Jim Beam

Your Food & Beverage correspondent’s personal preference is for a whisky without an ‘e’, that is to say the unmatchable stuff made from the pure waters of Scotland’s rivers and springs. Even so, there are niche whiskeys that enjoy considerable support, … Continue reading

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Half a million impoverished Indonesians for a day

Indonesia’s past sporting achievements are relatively meager for a country of its size of population and success, where it has occurred, has largely been in badmington and sad to relate, even in the field of the shuttlecock the Golden Days of Susi Susanto … Continue reading

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Eastern Promise – 22 Years young!

Following a bit of a drubbing at the 60% Bangkok pool playoffs at Crossroads in Kemang, your Food and Beverage Correspondent decided to cheer himself up and give his Her Indoors a treat by going around the corner for some late night … Continue reading

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Ibu Pribadi answers your questions #2

Welcome to Mata Pribadi’s Agony Aunt column wherein Ibu Pribadi tries her very best to answer questions of all sorts from readers. Ibu Pribadi writes …. Welcome back and in particular many thanks to the many of you who have … Continue reading

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Mata Pribadi’s “Fill in the Bubble” Competition #1

Each month we hope to bring you an image from our spy camera that would embarrass the subject’s  Mother and at the same time give you, the reader, the opportunity to tell us what might have been said at the time. … Continue reading

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