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7 billionth human being born in Bintaro shock!!

Actually two of them, both born at precisely 12:44 on October the 31st, though in somewhat differing circumstances. Baby Robbie, an 8 pounds 14 ounces (4.034091 Kilos) bundle of joy was born to a joyful Sandy and Janine Wallace of Renfrewshire, … Continue reading

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Jakarta in Gaddafi shock!!!

The world’s media has been speculating for more than a month regarding the whereabouts of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi following the violent ejection of his despotic Libyan regime and its replacement by the democratically inclined National Transitional Council. Mata Pribadi therefore has enormous pride … Continue reading

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A public embarrassment

In a remarkable and seemingly otherwise unreported incident last week, long time Jakarta based US Expat and former Schlumberger wireline hand “Jumpin” Jim Le Fevre, whose wedding we reported earlier in the year, was arrested and interrogated for unintentionally breaching the “invisible” security … Continue reading

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Jakarta Expat

Rather against our corporate nature, we have consistently struggled to say anything terribly nice about the various Jakarta media which, by and large, manage not to separate journalism from paid puffs and advertising – with spotting the join being almost impossible to … Continue reading

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Smoke, mirrors and Jim Beam

Your Food & Beverage correspondent’s personal preference is for a whisky without an ‘e’, that is to say the unmatchable stuff made from the pure waters of Scotland’s rivers and springs. Even so, there are niche whiskeys that enjoy considerable support, … Continue reading

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Eastern Promise – 22 Years young!

Following a bit of a drubbing at the 60% Bangkok pool playoffs at Crossroads in Kemang, your Food and Beverage Correspondent decided to cheer himself up and give his Her Indoors a treat by going around the corner for some late night … Continue reading

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NottheJakartaPost stringer pivotal in Nazaruddin arrest shock!!

Colombia has a reputation for beautiful cities, often with much of their amazing architectural heritage preserved, great beaches, world-class restaurants, gorgeous women and a wild night life not untypical of the whole of South America in fact. So, what’s not to like? … Continue reading

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