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Great British Breakfast in toast sensation!!

The NottheJakartaPost is pleased to announce the appointment of its first Restaurant Critic. While he doesn’t know too much about food, he does know what he likes and doesn’t cost us very much, 50% of the cost of all authorised … Continue reading

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BJC in award ceremony controversy shock!!

The Jakarta Inter League (JIL) is in turmoil today as it anguishes over BJC‘s (Bapak Jack Coldcall’s)  award to his own wife, Annie, of one of the country’s highest awards, the Bintang Republik Indoneisa Adipradana – 2nd Class (BRIA2). The award … Continue reading

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Friday Roundup #3

August is not generally a wild month for news globally, however, in this as with many other things, Jakarta is different and the big stories just, er, keep on coming. On Monday, and having become a martyr for press freedom … Continue reading

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NottheJakartaPost stringer pivotal in Nazaruddin arrest shock!!

Colombia has a reputation for beautiful cities, often with much of their amazing architectural heritage preserved, great beaches, world-class restaurants, gorgeous women and a wild night life not untypical of the whole of South America in fact. So, what’s not to like? … Continue reading

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Water Cooler 1 – signing of the times

The buzz around the office water cooler this morning from our local staff was all about something that came in on the wire overnight from Reuters. The source of all the merriment, and disbelief, was one Tom Willard, of Rochester, … Continue reading

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Kemang Poms in rioting and looting shock!!

South Jakarta Pak Polisi were out in force in Kemang last evening for the riot that never came. The entire length of Kemang Raya from Fez to Eastern Promise was covered by squads of officers in riot gear prepared for … Continue reading

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Deputy Editor in Bruised Genitals Shock!!

The evening before the Editor’s unfortunate arrest and subsequent imprisonment, we shared a few sun downers at the Eastern Promise in Kemang and reviewed progress since we first published, rather oddly on the 30th June, with an insightful piece on the President’s … Continue reading

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