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Same old, same old?


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Welcome to the Mata Pribadi Xmas Edition!

Welcome to Mata Pribadi‘s special bumper Xmas edition wherein we bring you lots of stuff with nearly nothing to do with, er, Xmas, though our Fill in the Bubble this month is highly seasonally themed and we are hoping for lots of entries for something … Continue reading

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Red Bullshit – a case for the KPK?

While a little behind the the rest of the world in taking off, Red Bull has recently been going gangbusters in Indonesia, and this  despite being four or five times the cost of not dissimilar drinks made locally – and availability … Continue reading

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But were afraid to ask …..

The mobile phone market in Indonesia is a very rare example of a market working relatively well and largely in the consumer’s interests. There are three major national players, Telkomsel, Indosat and XL, all competing vigorously against each other – … Continue reading

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Mata Pribadi Xmas Classifieds

Looking For: an honest Indonesian national with analytical background and negotiating skills for very senior management position. Previous applicants should not re-apply, Apply: KPK Jakarta Seaking native English language speeker,  prefareably a gradguate  – to chekk speling/ spunctuation grammar and … Continue reading

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Another Spring?

The situation continued for decades following the departure of the former colonial masters; a leadership and an elite ruling and exploiting ruthlessly with the backing of the armed forces. The armed forces given special treatment and allowed monopolies and concessions … Continue reading

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A new standard for “low”

There is of course amongst our demographic a significant presence of oil field trash and we are proud to have you, not least because your Editor was oil field trash himself until not very long ago. At least we were … Continue reading

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