About Mata Pribadi


A Doctor writes:

If you are at all sensitive then you should avoid reading this organ at all costs as it can bring on bad dreams, diarrhea, premature ejaculation and piles; simultaneously in the very worst cases.

If on the other hand you are not overly precious, then reading Mata Pribadi will be good for you, it may even make you laugh occasionally which is even better.


We do have one, and vague indications as to its content may be found on our Frequently Unanswered Questions Page, what we call our FUQs, here.


Our stated publication frequency is to hit the streets and online on the second Wednesday of every month. We are, however, notoriously unreliable and it would be best if you were not to place bets larger than you can afford to lose on just when we might actually appear.

We also expect to produce the odd Special to capture major breaking events of particular interest to your Jakarta based expatriate.


Telkom have, after 8 months, failed to provide us with a phone at the office but you can e-mail us at matapribadi@gmail.com when the Editor’s wife prints them off and sends them by carrier pigeon to our palatial but Internet unaware headquarters in Palmerah.

Personal visitors to our offices after 4pm generally get a choice of Jim Beam or Johnny Walker – both guaranteed not to have been bottled in Bandung.

Mata Pribadi is @MataPribadi on Twitter

Mata Pribadi is on Facebook as, er, Mata Pribadi, try a search on our e-mail address above if you struggle to find us.


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