A case for blind copies?

Those of you work in the American Embassy  in Kuningan, or perhaps have loved ones working there, will be relieved to learn of the seriousness with which the American Government takes your security.

As many of you learned in a recent Xmas greetings e-mail from the Force Protection Detachment,the catalogue of assets being deployed to defend the Rmbassy from ne’er do wells is impressive to say the least.

The photos and graphics you see on this page are taken from that e-mail sent to an enormous distribution list consisting largely of the Jakarta expatriate golfing fraternity as far as your corresspondent can tell.

It is a matter of some concern of course that the Force Protection Detachment should be so keen to inform the expat golfing community at this time of its strength, preparedness and assets, maybe they know something we don’t?

Have terrorists developed a new strategy for attacking the golfing community,  IEDs hidden inside lake balls perhaps, poison in the Pocari Sweat or, God forbid, the clubhouse Nasi Goreng Spesial? – one can feel the paranoia rising. In any event we would suggest that parking one of those battleships in the lake at the end of the 1st hole of the “River” course at Emerelda might be an appropriate action while a Chinook and appropriate squad of armed personnel would surely find a warm welcome and a home at a Jagorawi GC helipad all ready to receive them.

Dare one suggest that the Force Protection Detachment’s putting 500+ expatriate e-mail addresses out into the open as they did is likely to make the recipients rather more prone to spam, and worse, than was already the case, though Mata Pribadi thanks them for the 27 e-mail addresses that it did not already have.

A Safe and Happy Holidays and a Joyous New Year to you guys (and gals) in the Force Protection Detachment too!

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7 Responses to A case for blind copies?

  1. Ric Wymer says:

    My sources at the Rmbassy have confirmed that the person in charge of distributing security notices and newsletters via e-mail was playing golf in the Philippines at the time. In his absence the Rmbassy IT department was charged with keeping the show rolling but unfortunately their Mail Server was hacked. Not by terrorists but by the Rocksia golf society who wanted to steal the mailing list to hunt new blood for their 2012 Interleague campaign.
    Accountability is a word that packs a punch in Indonesia and sadly we understand a couple of key positions at the Rmbassy have now fallen vacant. Nevertheless one door closes another inadvertently opens. Those responsible for the mailing error have already found work on the Tee Set Committee charged with organizing the 2012 Championship event. Hacking is something the Tee Set Society has traditionally been good at and new recruits are always welcome.

    • Mata Pribadi says:

      Mata Pribadi sources at the Embassy confirm the gist of your information and suggest that Bradley Manning’s younger brother was working there, though with a scratch handicap he would be rather uncompetitive at Inter-League so suggest you let Roksia GS have him!

      • Ric Wymer says:

        It’s reassuring to learn that Mata Pribadi actually does take the trouble to verify information provided to them. I will certainly think twice before making up a bull shit story in the future. Not that I’ve ever made up a story in the past of course.

        • Mata Pribadi says:

          Ric, many thanks for that – indeed we verify everything immediately after we have made it up and also check carefully anything told to us by our readers as you really can’t be too careful these days.

          You may have heard of the case of John Daley allegedly coming to play with Tee Set recently; quite disgraceful and certainly not the sort of thing we will ever fall for!!

        • Ric Wymer says:

          Yes the John Daley no show was regrettable and I feel bad for guys like Keith Richards who really made the effort to join the Tee Set group on the day since they fancied their chances to out drive Mr Daley. From my sources I understand John wanted to join but pulled out at the last minute because he heard there was a lot of water on the Gading Raya course. This story can easily be verified by the Mata Pribadi staff especially since they spend so much time in the Eastern Promise, known as the journalistic centre of Jakarta. No bull is ever spoken under its roof.

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