A cautionary tale

Dear All,

As we approach the season of celebrations, a cautionary tale if I may. It has to do with drinking and driving at this time of year as I know that some of you, like me, have had unfortunate brushes with the authorities in this respect over the years.

The other night I was out for dinner at a very posh central Jakarta hotel with a few mates to celebrate the true meaning of Xmas. After consuming ludicrous amounts of wine, with liqueurs and brandies to follow of course, and knowing full well that I was completely wasted, I did something I’ve never done before.

Believe it or not, I took a bus home. Yes, a bus.  I arrived home safely and without incident, something which came as a great surprise and relief to me. Mainly because I have never driven a bus before.

A kind reader was to send us a snap of the very bus I drove and, as you will see, I was very possibly not the first expat to have been on that particular vehicle.

On the way home I was to pick up a significant number of fare paying passengers and even got a very loud cheer and several Rp.1,000 tips when I chucked off a couple of guitar playing vagabonds. Sobered up enough on the way back to leave the bus in the next street rather than outside my own front door so, if you live on Jl. Adhiaksa and found a Metro Mini outside your door this morning, then at least you know where it came from.

Happy Xmas! ….. ED

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2 Responses to A cautionary tale

  1. Kemang Ken says:

    I think I saw you on Sudirman; you may have seen me, I was driving the TransJakarta bus in the wrong lane and overtook you in front of the S. Widjojo building!

    • Yes I know that this was written 3 years ago and yes there\’s no more hititng kids since 3 years before i believe.and I really disagree with teacher drinking alcohol in the classroom\’ was that a made up story? because I\’ve been studying in this school since K.1 and it\’s been 13 years now and never ever heard about that This website is just making a bad-look for our school although it was written 3 years ago.

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