The Bar at the End of the Universe

In common with most of you we guess, your Food and Beverage correspondent gets an e-mail every week from the “Metro Sky Bar” in BSD, unashamedly extolling is own virtues in full glossy colour.  Given that BSD is clearly very close to the end of the Universe, these missives have hitherto been studiously deleted upon arrival.

With family in town and needing feeding – and with the Jakarta pre-XMAS Saturday evening traffic looking quite appalling, we decide to head down the Serpong Tol with its relatively light traffic to give the ”Tasty Spit Roasted Pork Leg” a whirl.

The web site instructions were simple and accurate and got us there more or less as advertised in just 32 minutes, rather less than it would have taken to one of our regular haunt in Blok M, far less traffic infested Kemang. The pleasure was only starting as we parked in safe and secure parking at the side of the German Centre, hopped into the lift to the seventh floor and entered the place to be greeted by Mein Host, Andreas Stokowsky, who informed us of our seating options, inside/outside, smoking/no-smoking, dining tables/bar seats. We chose to have a look around outside which was something of a revelation, good views to BSD and beyond and a lovely breeze, not to mention a nice outside bar, a cosy wood BBQ/oven thingy next to the open cooking area whose stainless steel glistened under the lights, and some comfortable elevated seating next to a water feature.

Despite the outdoor attractions, we moved inside and rather closer to the pool table in the bar dining area in order to choose the food. Extensive menu, with just about everything a Boule Boy (or Girl) might want, lots of pizzas, burgers, steaks and the signature pork dishes that had attracted our attention in the first place. We tried two pork dishes, a steak, a variety of sausages and a snaffled piece of pizza. All quite delicious it has to be said and it was particularly reassuring for your correspondent to see Robert, the chef, at the bar later in the evening, enthusiastically consuming the products of his own labours. The beef is all imported Ozzie stuff while the pork is from Bali and there is no compromise on quality which makes it rather more expensive than if you are happy to settle for Ayam Kampung and a bowl of rice. Booze is moderately priced and the draft beer well kept.

Family friendly, spotlessly clean, fully equipped, well stocked and possessed of great service and management it is hard to find too much wrong with the place, however, we will try by telling you that the fish tank had NO fish in it for God’s sake, much to the disappointment of your junior F&B correspondent who also told us that the French fries were dry. too crispy and not as good as his Mum’s. And he was right.

Don’t be put off by its location in the German Centre, it is a mixed crowd in there and, while the German manager’s polo shirt had the German eagle proudly emblazoned on the back, it bears the legend “Runners Up – 1945” underneath! It is all Teutonic efficiency with smiling Indonesian characteristics.

If you live near the Outer Ring Road then you would be daft not to give it a try, it is top class and it only took 25 minutes to get home. Mahltzeit!!

PS If you want to make some money while you are there then challenge Robert to a game of pool – he’s pretty crap 🙂

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2 Responses to The Bar at the End of the Universe

  1. Kebun Jeruk says:

    How much did they pay you for that?

    • Mata Pribadi says:

      Kebun Jeruk, an excellent question and one we are glad you asked.

      The answer is zero, zilch, nada, nol.

      To verify the accuracy of our answer, we suggest you go there and try for yourself. If your experience is any less positive than our own then you are free to share that with other readers here …. we don’t do censorship either ….

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