Welcome to the Mata Pribadi Xmas Edition!

Welcome to Mata Pribadi‘s special bumper Xmas edition wherein we bring you lots of stuff with nearly nothing to do with, er, Xmas, though our Fill in the Bubble this month is highly seasonally themed and we are hoping for lots of entries for something that has already become a Mata Pribadi staple, generating as it does more direct user feedback than everything else put together.

Have to say however that, while overjoyed by the overall reaction to our November Edition, we were a little disappointed by the viewing figures to our report about the birth of the earth’s 7 billionth baby, born of course in Bintaro; if you are a well heeled expat with a social conscience then do pay a visit if you missed it.

Regardless, we hope you have had a great month since our last edition, as ever there has certainly been lots going on in The City that really never sleeps™ not least the marriage of the son of the President to the daughter of Hatta Rajasa, the coordinating minister for the economy – a marriage that has been described by cynics as the union of two political dynasties and which allegedly seals the deal on Hatta standing for President with the backing of Partai Demokrat as well as PAN in 2014.

We at Mata Pribadi are, however, firmly committed believers in romance and true love and wish the couple a happy and prosperous future in a troubled world. Edhie has made an excellent start on the prosperity bit already and that will be the subject of future ill-informed speculation in the pages of this organ.

Another major development of course has been the arrival of the rains; our congratulations to the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) on their successful prediction that they would come; those guys really earn their money. For the golfers amongst you, Palm Hill is offering a deal to give you a rain check if you can’t finish 18 holes. seems like a deal, though we have yet to fully test the offer despite being stopped by rain there at the 16th the other day, we were too embarrassed to ask for a rain check.

Anyway, here is what you will find in your stocking from Mata Pribadi this Xmas

habis-pak Looks like you will struggle to add Red Rull to your favourite tipple this Xmas– Mata Pribadi provides the background and ponders on the reasons why.
BlackBerry Bellagio Getting strange charges on your mobile phone bill? … wondering why there are more than 350 million SIM cards in Indonesia? – Mata Pribadi takes a look at the “handphone” scene here
Classifieds Lots of pre-Xmas opportunities to be found in Mata Pribadi’s classifieds if you are an attractive female caddy, a shallow water diver and much else besides.
bouazizi2 A look at the events of the Arab Spring and the common background to their histories – Mata Pribadi asks the question, where next?
Land Drilling Scene Oil Field Trash take a heavy blow from the KPK in the Jakarta Post, Mata Pribadi gets up off the canvas and delivers the truth with a knockout blow.
……..Fill in the bubble - competition #2 winner “Ical” Bakrie has taken some hits from Mata Pribadi lately, so we measure him up in an unlikely contest against that other Presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich.
Bapak Christmas small Our ever popular Fill in the Bubble competition goes all Christmassy as we provide a new face for the old guy; all the usual generous prizes of course.
Royale Jakarta An open letter to the Minister of Tourism suggests that golf tourism can be hugely developed. Mata Pribadi takes the strongest of exceptions.
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