Red Bullshit – a case for the KPK?

A case for the KPK?

While a little behind the the rest of the world in taking off, Red Bull has recently been going gangbusters in Indonesia, and this  despite being four or five times the cost of not dissimilar drinks made locally – and availability had steadily increased to include all of the major supermarkets and now to every one of the 24/7 chains.

Matter of taste of course, however, your Food and Beverage correspondent finds the taste of vodka with Red Bull that of a union made in heaven and couldn’t have been more pleased that distribution improvements meant that running out in the evening required no more than dispatching the Jaga to the local IndoMaret.

No more however and, in a recent exhausting city-wide search, the writer’s wife was unable to find so much as a single can of Red Bull for sale ANYWHERE, tidak ada, habis, finito. And nobody knows when it might be available again.

So what is going on here? Mata Pribadi has no facts (astonishing – ED) and would welcome any info from readers as to the cause. We do however have a theory and, as ever, all it requires is knowledge of the dictum “follow the money” and a modicum of imagination.

So, how many cans of Red Bull do you imagine are currently lying unloved and unmoving in the Customs sheds of Jakarta Port and will do until appropriately large brown envelopes are delivered to the Usual Suspects? Answers on a postcard please.

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3 Responses to Red Bullshit – a case for the KPK?

  1. Mata Pribadi says:

    In a startling and quite unexpected development, six cans were spotted at Gadng Raya GC yesterday; a tad expensive at Rp 50,000++ per can but your correspondent cleaned them out of stock.

  2. Blazer says:

    You can add Orange Water to the list; while Lemon Water is everywhere, Orange Water is noticeable only by its absence in both Giant and Carrefour.

    • Mata Pribadi says:

      Blazer, given that the “Water” stuff is all made in Sukabumi, we suspect that this is probably down to crap logistics rather than the usual skulduggery ….

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