Mata Pribadi Xmas Classifieds

Looking For: an honest Indonesian national with analytical background and negotiating skills for very senior management position. Previous applicants should not re-apply, Apply: KPK Jakarta Seaking native English language speeker,  prefareably a gradguate  – to chekk speling/ spunctuation grammar and stuff like that. Apply: Jakarta Post
Hard Disk Expert – to recover 29 years of playing data from a 760GB Western Digital X2873 running under NTFS. Getting desperate. Payment by results. Apply: Rich Whyme, Tee Set Female Caddies Needed!! immediate start, salary crap but tips OK and every chance of a lucrative long term relationship with one of our many Expat members Apply: Jagorawi Golf and Country Club
Immediate Start!! 3 Senior Structural Engineers sought – must have designed a bridge that didn’t fall down during the warranty period Apply: PT Hutama Karya Generous Reward Offered – for  recovery of a missing 7 iron from a much loved matching set. Recently lost in no more than 3 metres of water at Pangkalanjati GC. Apply: Del Meeds
Blackberry Bellagio – recent purchase, slightly crushed but in fine working order. Apply;: The Executors of the Estate of Bapak Hendra Sunowono, Pacific Place 2nd Advertisement – forget previous demands for experience and education, we will settle for someone who can add up reliably. Apply: MIGAS Oil and Gas production forecasting unit
Essay Prize!! – 1,500 words on the difference between US position on Syria and its stance on the defence of American commercial interests in Irian Jaya Apply: American Embassy LOST!! – 24 billion rupiah in American Express Travellers checks – Large reward to finder, forgotten where I lost them. Apply: Nunun Nurbaeti
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3 Responses to Mata Pribadi Xmas Classifieds

  1. Mata Pribadi says:

    You may be interested to read that the Jakarta Post is REALLY looking for someone:

    Job Title: copy editor

    Job Description: editing copy, learning and applying in-house style

    Somewhat hilariously, the successful candidate is expected to apply the house style … introducing bad spelling and crap logic presumably

  2. Mike Taylor says:

    The Seven iron was attempted sale to us at PJ during the Tee Set champiopnship by a water ball fetcher. However, Geoff T. realized that it infact belonged to someone he knew and took it from the salesman with no incident… I do believe he returned it to its rightful owner……

    • Mata Pribadi says:

      Thanks for the good news Mike, clearly the water ball fetcher is a Mata Pribadi reader … and well done to the Caddy Whisperer for his initiative!!

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