From the Editor on e-mail subscriptions

Dear e-mail subscriber, you may have noticed that notifications of what look like finished articles are currently finding their way into your inbox.

We chose from the beginning not to repeatedly e-mail people with notifications of many individual articles, preferring instead to release them all at the same time as a monthly “magazine” and this is our continuing approach, however, the effort involved in keeping them from going live was all too much and, as you know, we occasionally failed and managed to press the publish button anyway when you, as an e-mail subscriber, would receive an automatically generated e-mail notification.

So, from now on, we publish as soon as an article is ready but only send out our mass e-mail when the whole collection, or magazine is ready. We reckoned that if you had subscribed then your were interested enough in our stuff not to get too upset if you got notification every time an individual article was published. If, however, you would rather not get then it is simplicity itself to hit the “Unfollow” button you will find at the top of every Mata Pribadi page; you will still continue to receive the monthly “mass e-mail“.

We hope the above has clarified rather than further obfuscated, but we have our doubts.

Thanks once again for your support, it really is appreciated, ED

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