Welcome to the November Edition!

Welcome back to Mata Pribadi, we hope you have had a great month since our last edition, there has certainly been lots going on in The City that really never sleeps™.

Before anything else, perhaps a few words of explanation on the 13 October Special Issue regarding the discovery of Muammar Gadaffi in Jakarta.

Our discovery and exposure of the tyrant led of course to his and his followers’ immediate expulsion from the country and return to the deserts of Southern Libya where, two days later, he was to die at the hands of Liberation fighters in Sirte, the city of his birth.

The curse of Mata Pribadi strikes once again and we can only be proud of our part in the despot’s downfall.

A less welcome development, and the cause of our withdrawal of the Gadaffi piece as written, was the Colonel’s spokesman’s words that indicated rather more than confusion and rather less than transparency over the selection process for the players for the Jakarta All Stars Team to play Bangkok in the All Asia Series later in the month. A full explanation is still noticeable only by its absence though words along the lines that learnings are being taken on board have been expressed.

No matter, MP’s own words in the original article were over the top and in particular caused hurt and embarrassment to a mate who had worked tirelessly and without reward to make the All Stars Event a success. It is for this reason and NO other that MP made its acknowledgment and apology. MP would like to thank the many who sent e-mails of support and would take this opportunity to confirm to them, and all other readers, that there will be no ducking of issues around here; but we will always put our hand up when we are wrong. The article has been adjusted to reflect what should have been written in the first place and can be found here.

I’d like to close the matter with the news that the Jakarta All Stars “kicked Bangkok ass”, however, in a long and close struggle, the boyz from “oop North” ended 61-53 winners in a match of high drama at a marvellous event with some quite outstanding pool staged at the excellent venue of, if rather less than punchily named, Arlon Swiss-Belhotel in Kemang on October 29th; congratulations to all involved, especially Mark of course. Who’s next??

Finally let’s turn to the current edition where we hope we have a great line up of articles for you which of course includes the results of Mata Pribadi’s first great Fill in the Bubble Competition and a new one to keep Ed T busy again this month! Either select what you fancy off the photo links below – or to get them all (including this one again, unfortunately) click on November 2011 in the black menu box above.

Martin ZacharyAn amazing development at the Grand Hyatt Ballroom last Saturday night as long term US Expat Zartin McHary wins the finals of the second ASEAN Strictly Come Dancing championship!!

Baby RobbieThe 7 Billionth occupant of the planet was born last week – in Bintaro for heaven’s sake and not just one but two of them, how improbable is that!!!

The Senior Managing DirectorHave you ever worried that the stuff you read in the Jakarta Post may not be the most independent reporting you have ever seen? The same thing has crossed Mata Pribadi’s mind.

Fill in the bubble #2Mata Pribadi’s “Fill in the Bubble” Competition #2 brings you more prizes to die for.

SLB Entrance in TechnoOur Food and Beverage Correspondent pays a visit to the South Jakarta home of the Satu Lagi Bar and asks “is it still up to snuff?”.

Gadaffi at ISCIJakarta’s – and Mata Pribadi’s – amazing part in the downfall of the Libyan Tyrant.

jumpin-jim1Readers favourite Expat Old Timer and former Schlumberger wireline hand, “Jumpin” Jim Le Fevre gets tied up in a disgraceful incident when entering an invisible “Presidential no-go area” – judge the rights and wrongs for yourself.

Jakarta ExpatYou must have seen it around in the bars, hotels and golf clubs of Jakarta. It’s free – but is it worth the cover price?

A message for subscribers via the WordPress “e-mail Subscription”

Hope you will enjoy at least some of them. See you next month when we will be bringing you a fun packed bumper Xmas themed edition guaranteed to cheer you up and get you into the mood for the sobriety challenges.

Sampai jumpah lagi, ED

PS apols for the longer than bearable intro page – it won’t happen again

PPS No space or time for either Bahasa Corner or Ibu Pribadi’s Agony Aunt column this month. Your Guru says to practice lesson 1 and 2 as there will be an exam next month!!

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2 Responses to Welcome to the November Edition!

  1. Mata Pribadi says:

    Anon … as our aspired target is in fact “not entirely true” we are delighted to hear we hit it for once …. more usually we find ourselves somewhere between “tissue of lies” and “these fucking guys makes it all up”

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is not ….entirely….true. – A Doctor

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