Mata Pribadi’s “Fill in the Bubble” Competition #2

First of all many thanks to all those readers who participated in Mata Pribadi’s Fill in the Bubble Competition #1, a magnificent response and due not least to reader Ed T who managed a record 13 entries on his own (and counting as of 31st October – lunchtime).

Pleased to tell you all that Ed T has made second place his very own with this, one of his very last entries.

The judging panel were actually rather upset that Ed didn’t win anything after all his efforts and decided to award him a special “participation over and above the call of duty prize” which this month is a jug of the coldest Heineken draft you can get in the Blok. Just expose your credentials to Sake or Ibu Alda at Everest Cafe, Ed, and the mouth-watering Heineken is yours!!

And now, the winner is, by the very finest of margins, and only after a nail-biting and Tequila fueled judging competition that lasted into the wee small hours in Top Gun’s back room earlier this week ……………

So, a close contest but a worthy winner and the Sepeda Motor and fully kitted iPad 2 goes to Anony Mouse who, unfortunately, was not to leave an e-mail address like everyone else. No worries, as we have the winner’s IP Address and if he would like to get in touch with us with details of same as proof, then the prizes are his!

And now to finally close the first competition, many thanks to Pedro Rancamayer himself for putting up with all this shit with his usual good grace and humour.

Moving on we have to tell you that the photo long promised by the Hash House Harriers of Lick a Clit in a very compromising position appears to have gotten itself snarled up in the post and, instead, we invite you instead to put something into the mouth of prominent businessman, Golkar Chairman and likely 2014 Presidential candidate, Aburizal Bakrie.

Good luck everyone, get those entries rolling in, another iPad 2 this month!!


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29 Responses to Mata Pribadi’s “Fill in the Bubble” Competition #2

  1. Mata Pribadi says:

    Results of the November competition are now out !! … with of course a new comp for Xmas!!

  2. Edu Marzanu says:

    I just got a call from Newt Gingrich..he begged me not to challenge him for the Republican nomination!

  3. mars1 says:

    I’m not president yet and already i’m getting all sorts of comments. I think Mata Pribadi is right..I better run in the states instead…

  4. mars1 says:

    You know, I could yet be the best president Indonesia would ever have. You don’t believe me? Just ask Mata Pribadi…

    • Mata Pribadi says:

      Well observed Mars1 …. the evaluation spreadsheet is a powerful tool when set up properly, however, is prone to abuse, as is only too evident from this one. The abuse comes in two main ways, cooking the evaluation criteria and fiddling with the weightings – though we didn’t need to use the latter on this occasion!

      Pleased to say that MP will have neither the right nor the inclination to vote for either of these fine gentlemen. Alhamdulilah.

      • mars1 says:

        I have been laboring all along under the assumption that all commentaries made here are done in the spirit of levity…

        • Mata Pribadi says:

          Apologies if we got even mildly serious for a moment there …. the staffer involved has been warned as to his future behaviour 🙂

      • Bhagwant says:

        请教一个文献中一句话的理解问题。有这么几句话“the mass outflow increased by a foatcr of 6 between two observations separated by 18 months”和“Other stars showed changes in MLR by a foatcr of 1.5 or less.”请问这其中的“a foatcr of X”该怎么理解?是不是表示新结果是在原有结果前面乘以x而得到?

  5. Mata Pribadi says:

    Possessed of a chip on both shoulders, MataPribadi likes to bring balance to all discussions – here is something for Riz !!

  6. Edu Marzanu says:

    They call me now ‘biggest loser’. Wait till I’m elected President. I’ll be ‘biggest gainer’!

  7. Edu Marzanu says:

    Forbes has made a mistake and will be issuing a new listing of the richest Indonesians. Oh by the way, I just bought Forbes Magazine….

  8. Dong Rizal says:

    In consultation with my advisers, we have concluded that it would be inappropriate for the President to be a very rich man. Forbes has been told to do the necessary in terms of the reporting of my wealth therefore.

  9. mars1 says:

    It’s true I’m poorer now…but I told Forbes, it’s all very temporary…let’s see after 2014…!

  10. Ed T says:

    i mine tons and tons of coal and minerals, i produce palm oil, rubber, gas..i’m into telecommunications, real estate…and Forbes says the owner of a bunch of neighborhood stores is richer than me? you think maybe Forbes has got it all wrong?

  11. Ed T says:

    i’m not the richest indonesian what? can you imagine how much poorer i’d be if i paid all those taxes?!

  12. Edu Marzanu says:

    Forbes says I’m no longer the richest Indonesian…I said, how can i be, with all the taxes I have had to pay!

  13. Edu Marzanu says:

    Forbes says I’m no longer the richest Indonesian. After the election..I may be the poorest!

  14. B3 says:

    Bugger running for President. It will be cheaper for me to buy Greece.

  15. Edu Marzanu says:

    To be, or not to be..president,
    that is the question, no more….
    I know ‘tis nobler in the mind not to suffer
    the slings and arrows caused by my outrageous fortune…
    The Presidency in 2014..’tis a consummation devoutly to be wished!

  16. Edu Marzanu says:

    Mrs. Ani…Mrs. Megawati..Sri Ulyani! Looks like the ladies are ganging up on me in 2014…HELP!!!

  17. mars1 says:

    Hey check out my 2014 campaign jingle…
    “Oh tie a yellow ribbon ’round the Golkar tree,
    It’s been 10 long years, it’s time to vote for me!”

  18. mars1 says:

    Hey guys..there are 40 million Indonesians on Facebook, and I only have 13,000 likes..not sure that’s enough to get me elected President…any ideas?

  19. mars1 says:

    What do they mean my announcement is premature?’s no secret I want to run for is that premature?!

  20. Mud Slinger says:

    Here’s mud in your eye, baby!

  21. Ed T says:

    why do i want to be president? hmm..can you think of a better way to make sure Sri Mulyani does not come back as Finance Minister?

  22. Just kidding, NOT says:

    It’s MY party and you can cry if you want to
    You will cry too when it happens to you

  23. Ed T says:

    psst..please don’t tell know, I don’t really want to be president of Indonesia..but the people will be disappointed if I don’t run..and who am I to disappoint them? so…..

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