A public embarrassment

Jumpin' Jim in happier days

In a remarkable and seemingly otherwise unreported incident last week, long time Jakarta based US Expat and former Schlumberger wireline hand “Jumpin” Jim Le Fevre, whose wedding we reported earlier in the year, was arrested and interrogated for unintentionally breaching the “invisible” security cordon around Inter-League President Bapak Jack Coldcall (BJC) in the middle of an opening ceremony for a new branch of The Golf House in Pondok Indah Mall.

Jim had been shopping for a new pair of iPod speakers for his wife, Dewi, at the time and was just passing Ace Hardware on his way to the Apple Store when he was overcome by Presidential guards. “I don’t know what the fuck hit me, man, all I was thinking about was them thar speakers”.

The incident was later described as “a public embarrassment” for the Presidential Security Force (PASPAMPRES) by a respectable looking chap passing the scene at the time who refused to give his name to your correspondent  but who might very well have been a terrorist according to a PASPAMRES spokesperson who also refused to be named or, rather more intriguingly, gendered..

“Jumpin Jim” was so upset by the whole ordeal that his family arranged a special ritual in front of his house in Pondok Labu, South Jakarta yesterday.

The pengulapan ritual is designed to cure trauma and is commonly accepted by those of faith to be a most effective cure.

In an interview after the ceremony “Jumpin Jim”, while sitting on a sack of coconut leaves, admitted to feeling a whole lot better, but whispered in your correspondent’s ear that this was probably more down to the self-administered half bottle of Jim Beam than anything else.

Clearly another piece of Mata Pribadi fantasy nonsense, huh? …. then check out this “not dissimilar” incident last week and perhaps think again.

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