7 billionth human being born in Bintaro shock!!

Actually two of them, both born at precisely 12:44 on October the 31st, though in somewhat differing circumstances.

Baby Robbie, an 8 pounds 14 ounces (4.034091 Kilos) bundle of joy was born to a joyful Sandy and Janine Wallace of Renfrewshire, Scotland in Bintaro Jaya Hospital.

We spoke to Janine shortly after her baby had been declared the joint winner of the 7 billionth human being race by Mata Pribadi’s recently appointed official demographer, Alex McLeish.

Janine, though still slightly under the weather from the the injections, was clearly happy with the historic development, though was to ask, “isn’t that the Alex McLeish who was jailed for flogging hooky Callaway drivers?” when your correspondent was able to reassure her unequivocally that it wasn’t; something he was able to do with a clear conscience as Alex was of course actually jailed for flogging dodgy TaylorMade™ R11 drivers.

We asked Sandy what he saw in young Robbie’s future to which he replied,  “well, most importantly, just as soon as he is old enough we will take him to see his Grandmas and Grandads, they cannae wait to see him and when he is 4 he will go to BIS pre-school and onwards, staying there until he is 18 when we plan that he will take Petroleum Engineering at the Heriot Watt University in Aberdeen”. So, Robbie’s future is all mapped out for him and, while there will undoubtedly be bumps along the way, one imagines that actuality will pan out pretty close to plan.

So, what does the future hold in store for young Dewi with a birth weight of exactly 2.34 kilos as she was delivered in the back of her mother’s rubbish cart by a local traditional midwife for 50,000 Rupiah?

For Dewi, the daughter of Wati who works as a scavenger on the Bintaro rubbish tip, and who was born at exactly the same time as young Robbie with a future. things are not so rosy as, having been born both asthmatic and anaemic, and with Dewi’s aspirations for her daughter no higher than “a nice hand phone and marrying a good boy” the road ahead is tough.

Each year, but in a long term programme, the children and teachers of the British International School in Bintaro help many kids like Dewi, giving them more hope for the future than a nice handphone and marrying a good boy or girl. Read about what they do here, you may even want to help and become, or have your company become, a “Community Partner”.

Go on, put something back, and into something where your hard earned money won’t be nicked by some thieving bastard either but instead benefit the kids 100%.

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