MP Small Ads

foot long hot dogs

Yes, of course they look good enough to eat; but where have they been?

Lost – one corporate conscience, circa May 2006 in Sidarjo, East Java. Large reward for finder, Contact PT Lapindo Brantas Fancy old slappers? We have lots, many with significant pool skills, some with most of their teeth and all with a cackle that would not be out of place in Macbeth. Visit us at The Club, Blok M
Lost – one memory, property of M. Nazaruddin. Believed
lost somewhere between Colombia and Halim in August 2011. Very substantial reward offered. Contact KPK at their Jakarta Office.
Needed urgently – A social skills coach able to stop me sounding like a self absorbed prick in magazine interviews. You will see I have left a reference to my last advert in this advert, if you are clever enough.
Contact Joko Anwar – you will find me if you love me enough
Massage Service – for Boule only, in privacy your Hotel, Apartment, House. JAKSEL saja, happy ending dijaminkan Contact: Seeking experienced foreign crane barge operator – impending extension of the cabotage rules to the Oil and Gas sector mean big opportunities for us. Bring your operating skills and money and share a little of the profits with us.Contact
Lost – my dearly beloved Greek gold bracelet lost in robbery; willing to pay up to ten times intrinsic gold value. Contact Gerhard Gecko at Shangril Lah Hotel
Looking for – Competitive building and contents insurance for low risk Blok M property– current Insurer quoting ridiculously high rate for renewal.
Contact Carl at D’s Place
Position Vacant – we are looking for a seasoned oil and gas production forecaster with proven track record in a major oil company Contact BP Mygas, Jakarta
Seeking Boule – to show me what to do with a BATS one footer. Contact M’bak Dewi, (HP) 0817-34827333 Looking for – leadership coach to help in upcoming management style rethink – Contact: HR Manager, Istana, Cibubur, Bogor Free to good home – a brand new top of the line Blackberry c/w 64GB memory and video camera option, Completely unwanted gift. Contact Android Lover on (HP) 0812 3420949
Pool Cue For Sale – 6 months old, hardly pocketed a ball in that time. Being dropped from the team forces sale. Contact the Editor, Mata Pribadi For Sale virtually unlimited quantities of still warm, high quality mud. 30 year supply contracts available, buyer collects from our underground production facility in East Java. Contact PT Lapindo Brantas

Lost: our copy of the the International Pool Rules – we need it to stop making shitty and unsporting appeals.  Contact: Captain, F39 Pool Team, Jl Fatmawati 39

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