Second Edition – The Editor speaks

First of all, welcome to the pages of the second edition of Mata Pribadi, esteemed successor to the distinguished Not the Jakarta Post. We truly hope that you enjoy our wide ranging wares this month and that we have something to entertain everyone.

On the subject of Not the Jakarta Post, all its articles have now been integrated into Mata Pribadi and can be found using the search box or the subject links you see above.

Many thanks to those of you who volunteered your mates’ e-mail addresses in our recent subscription drive; we are delighted to say this was to prove a major success. Less successful was our plan to award a Mercedes SUV to the reader providing the highest number.of valid expatriate e-mail addresses

Most unfortunately the Mata Pribadi warehouse was emptied out one September evening by a large gang of robbers wearing police uniforms – very clever, they really did look like the real thing on our CCTV of the event and we have therefore decided not to sack the warehouse guy who foolishly let them all in.

So bad luck to the winner who owns and manages a certain Blok M bar and who participated only on terms of the strictest confidentiality; never mind, the big white Mercedes SUV would have been a dead giveaway parked up front of his bar on Jalan Fellatio, so I am sure he will not be too disappointed.

More disappointed in fact will be Rich Whyme of PDI-Tee Set who had his heart set on a rather fetching pink Honda sepeda motor. Bad luck Rich, next time.

In the interim, a plea to everyone to keep those e-mail addresses coming, they are the lifeblood of online publishing and we still have a few iPads and iPhones as prizes that the “Police” missed in their raid.

This month’s edition contains the usual pot-pourri and perhaps in your best interest you might consider going first to Smoke, Mirrors and Jim Beam in a piece that could save your life one day,

When you have recovered from the shock, you might like a little entertainment in the shape of Indonesia’s particularly strong showing in the New York Diplomatic Parking Stakes while, particularly if you play golf, then you might then visit Bahasa Corner in order to improve your own Bahasa skills before moving on to our brand new and quite unmissable content, Mata Pribadi’s very own “Small ads” where you can take advantage of the many goods and service for sale and also the “lost and founds”.

We also have something of interest to commemorate Eastern Promise’s recent 22nd birthday and of course there is Ibu Pribadi‘s own regular Agony Aunt column wherein the illustrious Ibu dispenses her own unique brand of advice based on years of acquired wisdom and experience in “the City that really never sleeps“.

Last, and almost certainly least, you have an opportunity to enter our very first “fill in the bubble” competition, this month featuring PDI-Tee Set VP, Pedro Rancamaya. An iPad 2 is on offer to the funniest entry, so best of luck to everyone there, not least regarding the recent security upgrade to our warehouse. When we reveal the winner in next month’s edition we will also reveal what was actually said at the time; it may even win!

Should you wish to just read through the months edition without having to dart about then click on October 2011 Edition that you will see in the menu above.

Whatever you read, we hope you enjoy it and even, God forbid, feel moved to comment as we like to get feedback of any sort, the more abusive the better with nom de plumes very welcome.

Have a great month, The Editor

PS we are currently starting preparations for our Bumper Xmas Edition and would invite any worthy charitable or non-profit making sporting organisation planning Xmas related events to let us have details of same when will be delighted to include them.for sharing with those condemned to a Jakarta Xmas – and encourage them to open their wallets in a good cause. Please bear in mind that we publish on 14th December.

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