Ibu Pribadi answers your questions #2

Welcome to Mata Pribadi’s Agony Aunt column wherein Ibu Pribadi tries her very best to answer questions of all sorts from readers.

Ibu Pribadi writes ….

Welcome back and in particular many thanks to the many of you who have written in with questions, it was a lot of fun reading them! Some were however of such a personal nature that I am unable to answer them even in this open-minded organ, so I have replied to those e-mails directly – so good luck with the operation “Encumbered of Kemang”!!

So here goes with a few from this month’s mail bag that we could actually answer here.

Dear Ibu Pribadi, I have been offered a half share in a gem stone business at what looks like an attractive price given the balance sheet and P&L accounts I have seen and I have to say their showroom is first class. Should I go for it? Wary of Lebak Bulus

Dear Wary, there is a 90% plus chance that this is a con. You should do two things, firstly have your accountant look at their bank statements and, secondly, hang around the area of the shop for a few hours on a Saturday and see how busy it really is. Only after that make a decision


Dear Ibu Pribadi, I have been offered a good looking pool cue by a local in Blok-M for a million Roops but I am unsure of the market price for such things, what should I do, Tight Wad of Ciledug

Dear Tight Wad, make the long trip up to Mangga Dua to a shop called ISAK Billiard on Jalan P. Jayakarta 26. There you will in all likelyhood find “your” cue on sale for about 350,000 Roops – and much better ones for up to 2.5 million. They are honest and the prices are good but you may be able to bargain them down a little. They will also service your cue if anything needs attention, not something your Blok-M friend would consider in the unlikely event you could ever find him again after you have bought the thing.

Dear Ibu Pribadi, my Indonesian girlfriend is very beautiful and seems honest even though she comes from a very poor family. I believe she loves me and I want to marry her but now her family tell me that the wedding alone will cost 500 million Roops. What on earth am I to do? Cunt Struck of Cilicap

Dear Cunt Struck, much cheaper  to buy two tickets to Las Vegas and get married there, if she won’t come with you then call the whole thing off which would be even cheaper still. Good luck, Ibu Pribadi

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