Eastern Promise – 22 Years young!

Following a bit of a drubbing at the 60% Bangkok pool playoffs at Crossroads in Kemang, your Food and Beverage Correspondent decided to cheer himself up and give his Her Indoors a treat by going around the corner for some late night Indian at Eastern Promise

Having the previous week celebrated its 22nd anniversary, one might reasonably have expected the place to look a little down at heel. No such thing, recent investments in the place and the quality of the original fittings mean it is a smart, clean, warm and welcoming venue for your weary Expat with a deservedly large and loyal clientele.

The food was great with the sauces with the chicken tika and prawn curry likely to make even the most discenning Brummie feel he was back home. Special praise for the Nan, which is thick, juicy and cooked to perfection, unlike most of the dried up crap that passes for Nan in most places here.

Toilets improved out of sight, drinks reasonably priced, pool table busy and in good condition while the dart board cries out, without too much success, for someone to play it.

So, what’s not to like? Well, er, and being a kindly sort of chap I hate saying this but, the service is as poor as everything else is good; the staff preferring to fiddle with their smart phones, chat with their mates and play pool rather than looking after the customers who pay their salaries. Getting attention even on a quiet Monday evening required far more effort than any weary Expat would deem appropriate while smiles were as rare as hen’s teeth until the delivery of the bill. Rather depressingly it felt like being back in England. Don’t tip, they may get the message.

So, great place, really good food, and sensibly priced drinks – service needs some sharpening up..

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