Bahasa Corner #2

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So, how did you manage with last month’s first lesson? Did it improve the quality of your Indonesian life experience? We hope so and, by special request, this month we are bringing in some terms that can help you on the golf course and in the clubhouse. Many thanks to the Tee Set’s “Caddy Whisperer” for his contributions to compiling the vital golf lexicon here in Jakarta.

The simple verb “mau” or “to want” is very important to you as it conveys the meaning that you want something, or, coupled with tidak, that you don’t want something – and we provide you with examples to get you started.

So, here goes then, this month’s useful phrases, Selamat Berlajar!!

As you will have observed, Bahasa Indonesia can generally, in context, convey meaning very much more efficiently than the English language – the key is not to try and translate English word for word but instead to keep it simple.

See you next time, when I understand that the Jakarta Hash House Harriers will be putting together a very interesting collection of phrases for your educational advantage!

Guru Budi

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