Welcome to the first edition

Dickless Tracy, our mascotWelcome to the first edition of Mata Pribadi, the Jakarta and Indonesia based expatriate focused organ of truth and nothing but the truth. That will be the truth as we see it of course and, more likely than not, be at significant variance with the truth of others; beware of self-professed truth-sayers in general, they have an outstandingly poor track record. Our truth is the best money can buy and can be trusted. Not unlike the Indonesian judiciary in point of fact.

You may be wondering why you received your free subscription to this august organ rather than having to pay 20,000 roops like the hoi-poloi and, in truth, we can share with you that it is because we bought a subscription list from the much loved NottheJakartaPost when they went bust a few weeks back.

In any event just drop us a line if you want out but on the other hand, PLEASE do send us the e-mail address of anyone you think deserving of being added to our circulation.

We will be holding a monthly draw for those who give us e-mail addresses and this month the first prize is a BMW SUV with sundry other prizes including 5 Honda motor bikes and 25 iPhones, so get those e-mails coming, the more addresses you give us the greater your chances!!

We plan to publish once a month on the second Wednesday as our psychiatrist tells us that this is when your busy Jakarta expat is most in need of light relief, however, this is subject to variation totally without notice due to school holidays and the Editor’s rather onerous ongoing golfing commitments.

Incidentally, every private dick relies upon information garnered in a variety of ways. Should you have any matter that you think could usefully be brought to our notice then don’t hesitate to drop us a line, anonymous is just fine and dandy with us, we seldom if ever check anything out. Photographs are particularly welcome.

You have an opportunity in many places to comment and we encourage you to do so, there really is nothing worse than a blog with no comments, it makes us feel unwanted and very sulky when all sorts of shit can happen.

No restrictions on what you write either, except we prefer amusing and serious to just serious, and just amusing to anything else. Saying fuck is allowed if not actively encouraged; however, stronger than that and we reserve the right to edit by substituting Xs for most of the word involved. OK cXXt?


The Editor

Mata Pribadi, Jakarta

14th September 2011

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5 Responses to Welcome to the first edition

  1. Ric Wymer says:

    Should think I will have a pretty good chance of winning that BMW

    • Mata Pribadi says:

      Excellent performance indeed, Ric …. only a few less than the owner of a certain rather dubious Blok-M establishment who currently holds the lead!!

      Never mind, the Honda Bebeks are real cute and will get you round your clients so much quicker than with an SUV!!

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