Oil and gas numbers mystery unraveled

Doubtless you have arrived here bursting with interest over the secrets behind the Jakarta Post’s breathless coverage of BP Migas’s daily briefings on how the production numbers keep coming down as a result of oil company incompetence and how their frequent exhortations for them to go up by defying the laws of natural depletion are failing to make a difference.

There is still no one in that august body who understands that telling oil companies to increase their use of EOR, or whatever, has really little chance of affecting next year’s production levels never mind next week’s, not least because it would take six months just to get an approved tender list for such a scope of work.

Never mind, that intriguing subject will have to wait for another day as, following disgraceful scenes over the division of a bill at Eastern Promise on Friday evening last, we have had to let our newly appointed Oil and Gas correspondent go. With maximum compensation for his dismissal set by the employment protection legislation at some IDR 1,250,000 times six months we say to threats of legal action, come on down and good luck, our legal representatives are anxious to hear from you.

By way of compensation, we bring readers instead this insightful piece on a shock weather forecast from the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency.

All of us at Mata Pribadi say, SORRY!!

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