Jalan Tol Driving Techniques

Expatriate newcomers to Jakarta are often surprised to discover the confusion they find on first using Jakarta’s many Jalan Tol, with “what the fuck?” being perhaps the most common reaction.

Yes, it is different to back home, but the Jalan Tol can in fact be used relatively safely so long as one is fully aware of the four basic techniques used by local drivers, and therefore better able to take the necessary defensive steps.

Here are the four basic techniques, they are illustrated below on the most common, three lane Jalan Tol, though there are minor differences on the four lane equivalent which we will cover in a future briefing.

There is in fact one additional technique for ensuring that your journey is fast however that requires the cooperation of PT Marga Jasa and Pak Polisi and screws everyone else up. You also require to be at least a Vice President to take advantage of it.

So, there you go, now you understand what they are all doing, the remaining and rather larger challenge is  to work out your own counter measures. Good Luck.

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