Ibu Pribadi answers your questions

Welcome to Mata Pribadi’s Agony Aunt column wherein Ibu Pribadi tries her very best to answer questions of all sorts from readers.

Ibu Pribadi writes ….

I understand how difficult it can be trying to live and survive in a foreign city, perhaps many thousands of miles from home and, in truth, the city of Jakarta has considerable challenges even for those native to the blessed place like me!!

So please let me have your questions, whether regarding personal relationships, business issues and perhap even linguistic challenges, I am only here to help you as you will see from the replies to the first couple of rather challenging questions I have received.

Dear Ibu Pribadi, my new girlfriend is relentless, insisting on having oral sex three or four times a day. It was great to start with but now I am feeling constantly drained.

My question is how can I stop her? … Tired of Kemang

Dear Tired, marry her, that usually stops that nonsense, Ibu Pribadi


Dear Ibu Pribadi, I am finding my Houseboy increasingly untrustworthy. Can you advise me on how to tell when he is lying? … Worried of Country Woods

Dear Worried, if you see his lips moving then you can be almost certain he is lying, hope of help, Ibu Pribadi

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