Blok-M in Street of Shame shock!!

G-String has closed its doors and rumours abound of further likely casualties, D’s place had a significant fire though has now reopened, punter numbers are down, taxi business is so bad that some of them are even offering to turn their meters on and you can walk the length of Jalan Fellatio without touching the ground by hopping from one sepeda motor pillion to the next.

Well, why is this happening to the Street of Shame?; part of the answer is of course the dreaded macet; who is going to travel to the Blok after work if it takes them an hour to get there when there are alternatives closer to home and/or work? Not only that but the newer places that have sprung up, not least in Kemang, are of course newer – and therefore better designed and equipped.

Apart from the odd 54 inch LCD telly, when was the last time any significant investment was made in any of the Blok-M bars?. Exactly so, about 15-20 years ago – and it shows. Try a visit to Fez and see the difference.

So, what is your average bar owning Charlie Bali to do? Mata Prabadi sees the following alternatives open to him;

  • hope things get better
  • wait for other bars to close and imagine their customers will come to you
  • adopt the Top Gun approach and go “girly”
  • improve the street itself (pavement anyone?, give Blue Bird an exclusive franchise and dedicated parking spaces? etc.)
  • spend some money and upgrade your bloody bar
Current “strategy” seems to be taking the first two alternatives with, in a couple of cases, the third also being pursued, while there are no signs that anybody is keen to spend some money and actually improve the “customer experience”.
So, expect a further slow and steady decline of the Blok from its glory days and the bars themselves to be run for cash until the local government powers-that-be decide it is not worth the candle and pull the plug out by giving some well connected Bapak the go-ahead to knock it all down and build a mall.
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