BJC in Apology Shock!!

The Jakarta Inter-League was in total confusion last evening following a speech to the parties at the traditional post Lebaran get together at the President’s Palace at Jagorawi Golf and Country Club.

President Bapak Jack Coldcall, often known affectionately as  “BJC”, had apparently apologised to the faction leaders and his functional staff for being “too tough”, explaining that his only motive for being so was in order to boost the performance of the whole organisation adding, “perhaps in the last year there have been unpleasant words or actions, which I have delivered both orally or via text message. Once again I apologise to you”

All  the faction leaders we were able to contact were unable to remember either unpleasant words or actions from the legendarily mild BJC with  PDI-Tee Set party leader Rich Whyme saying “the only SMS I got from Jack all year was to ask me what  I would recommend him to get as his new rescue club” whileOrange Faction leader Jean van der Battles confessed that “Jack was a bit annoyed at the number of frozen vodka oranges the Orange Faction had returned to him after a recent tournament that was washed out, but normally he is just a great, sweet guy”.

PDI-Sandbaggers faction leader and House committee member, Bapak Darell did however recall getting a rather pissed off e-mail from BJC after former treasurer Paddy O’Finnion was forcibly returned from Colombia, complaining at the inordinate cost of the Boeing 747 hired to bring him back, though all was sweetness and light when BJC was informed that the spare space on the Jumbo had been used to bring back several hundred cases of his favourite Argentinian Merlot.

So Mata Pribadi asks, what is going on here, why is the Inter-League President apologising to all and sundry when everyone thinks he is a jolly good egg? Sources in our own cellar tell us that it is quite possibly the start of a PR campaign to make BJC look like a dynamic manager, goal driven but with a human face. A lot of good luck will be requred on all but the last in our view.

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