Bahasa Corner #1

You really meant to right?, seemed a great idea when you arrived, be able to talk to the staff and the ministry and all those suppliers in their own language. But the people from the Ministry all want to practice their English, and the staff at the office that you actually need to talk to anyway speak passable English so, if you managed any lessons at all, then it was just a couple of them, mostly centred around “pergi” or “to go” and perhaps saying Selamat Pagi and variants.

Maybe you already picked up left, right and straight on in order to get you through the taxi experience and learned to point at things in the fridge so that the maid knew what to cook. OK, there were a few fuck ups but hey, it’s better than learning a language!

Don’t despair as, each month, we will bring you just six really useful phrases, phrases that will help you immensely in getting by – and amaze the other guys at the bar!!

Here goes then, this month’s useful phrases, Selamat Berlajar!!

5 more months and you will be fully functional in some parts of Jakarta.

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